This 8-week series will combine therapeutic yoga and mindfulness techniques to help support women in developing sensitivity and awareness towards the changes going on within themselves. This awareness can empower women, not only during their pregnancy, but during labour and delivery. Through mindful movement, breath awareness, listening and relaxation techniques, women have the opportunity to cultivate an intimate mind-body connection and create a safe and serene place for baby to develop.

Sarah Brose, E-RYT, RPYT is a Prenatal Yoga Teacher and Birth Doula who believes that each woman is born with an infinite amount of strength and wisdom. Pregnancy provides us with the unique opportunity to tap into these resources in a deeply conscious way. Sarah is interested in finding ways to celebrate birth as one of the greatest miracles of all times, of one of the most powerful, most natural sources of strength and life. Birth is the source of all things. Sarah believes that by supporting women to give birth consciously, we are, by nature, supporting ourselves.

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