Acupuncture & Traditional Medicine

Henry Claflin, R.Ac, R.TCMP

Henry Claflin is a registered acupuncturist, herbalist and tai ji quan instructor. His practice weaves together holistic medicine and mindful movement to guide each patient towards their own healing.

Henry discovered acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine when searching for a treatment for his migraine headaches. He intimately understands that pain is one of the most complicated sensations our bodies and minds experience. It affects every aspect of our lives. Traditional Chinese medicine has its foundation in the holistic philosophies and practices of Daoism, which treats each person as a unique whole and as a part of their social and physical environments. This medicine always seeks to understand and treat pain and illness as it is truly experienced by a living, breathing human being.

Many studies have shown acupuncture relieves pain and helps the body to heal the underlying cause, releasing you to feel like yourself and pursue the things you dream of. Herbal medicine is often a crucial part of treatment to uproot entrenched conditions, in which deeper imbalances prevent the body from healing itself. A regular practice of mindful movement, such as tai ji quan or yoga, has been shown to build one’s physical strength, improve blood circulation and immunity, and promote emotional wellbeing. These mindful movement practices support the balanced health that is achieved in clinic so that it may grow and endure for a lifetime.

Taken together, holistic medicine and mindful movement are pillars of health and remedies for the challenges of modern city life.